E. coli, Coliform test

Micrology Laboratories Coliscan® for drinking water compliance monitoring on Feb. 25, 2010. read more

The water systems and infrastruture of America are in a state of disrepair and incidents of sewage contamination in all of the waters of America are affected.

USGS Water Science School

Offers information on many aspects of water, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center where you can give opinions and test your water knowledge.

Coliscan® E coli water testing is simple. Test environmental or drinking water easily with our patented  Coliscan media, which is a combination of coliforms  color-producing chemicals and nutrients that mark and E coli  in differing colors for easy identification. With Coliscan Easygel you'll know whether fecal coliforms are present in your water.

petri dish and 3ml sterile pipette included

E.coli Test for well water testing

In the news:

Private wells south of Nampa have E coli because of sewage.

Navy testing water well contamination near Couperville

Pack of 2  Coiscan E coli water test 

Pack of 10  Coiscan E coli water test 

Petri dish and 3ml sterile pipette included in all orders.

 E.coli Test for river water testing

E. coli levels in Blue River watershed concerns experts

Septic tanks, E. coli impact Flat River watershed

Water is life, and clean water is a responsibility

E.coli Test for beach water testing

Beach Advisories

Beach Inspection Program - NH Department of ...

Beach Monitoring - Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore (U.S. National ...

Beach Testing & Closures - Lake Champlain Basin Program

E.coli Test for tap water testing

Boil-water alerts

Boil Water Advisories - Jacksonville - JEA

Boil-water alerts: the list is over 1,000,000 in Google and growing


Test foods for E coli contamination.

Coliscan media, can be used to test any food; fresh, processed, frozen, and restaurant products. All foods are easy to test and positive results are color coded for easy identification.

E.coli recovered in Easygel® Coliscan® media


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